Sunday Worship in Norfolk, VA

Service Starts @ 10am

Our People

We are a multicultural, multigenerational community claiming the city of Norfolk for Jesus.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see the city of Norfolk prevail over constant adversity and use their victories to grow God’s Kingdom.

Our Culture

Pastor Jonathan

“If you attend our church or just look at the different pictures we post on social you will see a multicultural, multigenerational church. We believe this reflects the Kingdom of God and is true light to a dark world! They will truly see Jesus and receive Jesus by our love one for another. The church is called to unify all people both young and old, black and white and in between. How is that even possible?….Jesus! That’s the only way. When we are all unified in Jesus and truly agape love one another we can celebrate our uniqueness as humans and step into each others worlds with compassion and understanding and not judgment and hate. Our true identity is Jesus!”

How We Worship

Here at Prevail, we express Biblical worship as God promises to inhabit the praises of His people. We love being a people and place of prayer, praise, and worship as we lift high the name of Jesus!

Prevail Kids

Children at Prevail come first. Our priority for our children is safety, fun, and sharing the love of Jesus in a positive way that will impact them for generations.

How We Serve

Serving people requires reaching out. Here at Prevail we do this through serving on a serve team. We want to help you find your calling and boldly serve those in and out of the church.

Life Groups

Doing life together creates authentic relationships. This does not happen only in a building. These connections are deepened by getting together with those around you! As the church grows, so will our groups. Check back with us often.