Our Pillars




Worship Service


Prayer Room


Our Place

"A Place of Encounter"

Pastor Jonathan

“If you attend our church or just look at the different pictures we post on social you will see a multicultural, multigenerational church. We believe this reflects the Kingdom of God and is true light to a dark world! They will truly see Jesus and receive Jesus by our love one for another. The church is called to unify all people both young and old, black and white and in between. How is that even possible?….Jesus! That’s the only way. When we are all unified in Jesus and truly agape love one another we can celebrate our uniqueness as humans and step into each others worlds with compassion and understanding and not judgment and hate. Our true identity is Jesus!”

Our People

“A People after God’s heart”


Who are we?

We are a multicultural, multigenerational family claiming the city of Norfolk for Jesus.


Prevail Church is a family that Gathers together.

Our House

Our Sunday Gathering is one of the highlights of our week as we come together to encounter Jesus through prayer, powerful praise and worship, and a stirring message from one of our leaders. If you need a move of God in your life come to Sunday Worship!

Our Homes

The church is so much more than just a Sunday gathering. Our homes are where we grow spiritually, come together as a family, and build relationships that last forever. In a world of isolation we need one another. Our homes are a great place to jump into our church and anyone is welcome.

Our Hands

We want to help you find your calling and boldly serve those in and out of the church. We serve one another at every gathering, and we serve those in our city somewhere every month. Jump in and show the agape love of Jesus! We are truly a people that love and serve!